Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.
All of our 46 kennels are individually heated by infra-red lamps, and spacious covered runs. We can cater for the nervous dog, those who are very elderly or very young in our kennels.
Outside we have 4 very large grass paddocks where our guests are exercised at least twice daily.
We have a wide menu of food for our guests, carefully selected to be free of artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. We feed good quality kibble appropriate to each dog’s needs.
The kibble is always mixed with good quality moist complete food i.e. Harrisons, Naturediet or Forthglade. For those dogs who prefer just moist food we offer this also without Kibble. We can now also cater for those dogs on a BARF diet or raw foods.
If you want your dog to remain on a particular diet then you are welcome to bring it with them and we will ensure this is used exclusively for your dog (s). We can cater for all your dog’s nutritional needs, including special diets and medication where provided by the customer.
We provide bedding for all our customers, but some customers prefer to bring their own blankets or toys for their pets they can. This can be a great comfort to some dogs, particularly if they do not stay away from their home and family very often. However we cannot guarantee they won’t be lost or damaged as we change bedding most days. We therefore cannot accept responsibility for these articles.